Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"Once again, Zatarra, God sees you out of the corner of His eye."

As many of you know, 5 months ago, M was laid off for the second time in 2008. This time, he was part of a first wave of lay offs that included 40 other people. Only 2 of those 41 were considered for other positions with the company. M was one of them. They brought him in, interviewed him, and were ready to offer him the position and more money. Sounds great, no?

It sounded awesome. Which is why people must have thought he was crazy when he turned it down, accepting the lay off instead of trying for the position. He didn’t feel right about accepting a position out of the HR field, which is where he is trying diligently to build himself a nice little career and live happily ever after. Walking into the great unknown of unemployment, particularly when he had a chance at a better paying job, took a LOT of prayer and a giant leap of faith, but when it doesn’t feel right, it doesn’t feel right.

During this time, we have restructured the family budget, we have been thankful for my job, we have stood ever at the ready to cancel satellite TV and cell phone service and start tapping into reserves “if things get really bad”. During this time, we reactivated M’s first unemployment claim, which then expired, we opened a second claim, each time waiting 8-9 weeks before receiving any money, which we socked away and used sparingly to buy necessities like groceries and gas. During this time, we ate at home more than ever (except during these last 4 horrid weeks of pregnancy), we have learned to do with less, we have found ways to save. During this time, in short, we have thrived. We’ve been greatly blessed, all the while not knowing if or when M would get another job.

Just as he was about to abandon his search for a full time job, the day after we talked at length about him working part time and focusing on grad school full time and all the sacrifices that might entail, his previous company called him up. One of his previous co-workers has been promoted to a manager position and wants him to interview for an HR position, they said. Turns out, his honesty and integrity in not taking a position outside of his field garnered him a lot of respect with People that Matter.

Yesterday, he was offered the HR position, making what he was making before and working with a great bunch of people. And they’re bridging his tenure. And they’re bridging his vacation accrual.

We are very grateful and we are very blessed*.

*Whenever I say that “we are very blessed” I always feel the need to add the caveat that just because others do not have these same opportunities doesn’t make them any less blessed or favored of God. Indeed, we are all blessed in our own ways and according to His timing and purposes. . .

In other news, M is glad to "have his wife back" from the nether reaches of the first trimester. Yesterday, I did the dishes for the first time in months and I also started a load of laundry for the first time in weeks, despite still battling a wicked migraine. I made dinner tonight for the first time in many weeks, for which he was grateful and very relieved. Not only did he not have to eat out, but he also did not have to cook. As he says, "real men eat at home." Hooray for that, I guess!

[Title quote is from "The Count of Monte Cristo"]


Michelle said...

That's amazing! Life is so precious! I'm so extremely thrilled for you two (three)! You deserve only the best! Congrats on the job too! Oh~ i miss you sooo much! You are a tremendous leader and others will want to hear your story! LY!

P.S. I love that movie!

Jen said...

Oh I am so happy for you guys! It sure did have to be a huge leap of faith to do that. I am so glad you got blessing for having the faith. Sometimes that is soooo hard to do. Congrats on the position and welcome back to the land of the living!!!

Jonathan and Katherine Earl said...

That is so great. Things have a way of falling in to place when we live our lives like we are supposed to. You two rock!
Love - The Earl's

Trina said...

what releif you must feel! i'm really happy for u!

Miranda said...

Yeah for M! Tell him I said congrats! God really does work in mysterious ways.
And the whole eating out during those '4 horrid weeks of pregnancy' thing...get used to it! I never really had cravings. Instead, I always had to really think about what I wanted to eat and then once I finally settled on something nothing else would do.

Kellye Wilcox said...

I'm glad that things are going good for the both of you! And yes, God does love and bless us all! p.s. I'm still going to send you my's taking forever. So sorry!

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