Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"I can't even eat. The food keeps touching."

So I pretty much hate food by now. But food and me have never been great friends. I've eaten all the pizza my body can handle. Oh, and potatoes too. And ramen noodles. And I'm gaining too much weight from all the ice cream.

Speaking of ice cream? Did you know that in addition to my fear of letting ice cream melt, which is why I eat it so quickly, I also have to level it off inside the container? Like you could get an actual leveler and stick it in my ice cream container (a new staple in my freezer) and it would meet the city's building code standards. For serious. But I learned this week that it's not so easy to do with frozen yogurt. Or homemade gelato that my freezer has turned into a rock hard chunk of confectionary goodness.

Oh, and also. . . what is it with fruits masquerading as vegetables? Avocadoes are fruit. Tomatoes are fruits. So are pumpkins. How can you tell the difference? Thanks to WikiAnswers, we know "to determine a fruit from a vegetable, simply ask yourself - does it continue to ripen after it's picked? If it does, then it's a fruit. If it does not, then it's a vegetable." (Thanks Wiki!)

Also, corn is not a vegetable. It is a grain pretending to be a vegetable, sometimes passing for the latter when it's on the cob.

Just so we're clear. Whatever. Food is still not my friend.

[Title quote is from "Toys"]

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Jonathan and Katherine Earl said...

At our house, if you can get Andrew to declare something "delicious", then you can usually get him to eat a bite or two of it. Sometimes he says, "this is delicious" with his mouth while his face declares something else. Last night he was avoiding his meatloaf by eating the green I wish I had placed more green beans on his plate. He eventually ate the meatloaf because Dad promised him a trip to the park if he did so.

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