Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"Ruthless trained killers are just a phone call away."

A couple of months ago, back when very little sounded or smelled palatable to my finicky pregnant self, I microwaved a bag of popcorn one afternoon at work.

After which commenced a barrage of comments from everyone and their sister: “Who made popcorn!?” “Did someone make popcorn?” “Is that popcorn?” “Who made the popcorn?” followed by something or other, mutter mutter, about setting off the fire alarm once a long time ago.

I remember thinking – what is the Big Deal about my popcorn? What is it about a bag of microwaved popcorn that sends everyone into such a tizzy? Did I miss the part where popping popcorn became a punishable offense? If I missed it back then, I’m certainly not missing it now.

Every afternoon this week a coworker of mine has popped a bag of popcorn and the smell has made me feel positively ill, despite the fact that those symptoms have long since passed (hallelujah!). It’s the kind of popcorn smell that, rather than being an appetizing hint of butter and corn wafting through the HVAC cooled air, borders on singed and carcinogenic. Blech! And then, because burnt-ish smells tend to linger, it sits heavily in the air for hours and hours and hours. Double blech!!

I’ve decided that popping microwave popcorn at work should be a capital offense. . .

[Title quote is from "Love Actually"]


Michelle said...

That's hilarious! You may not like popcorn after the baby is born either! I still can't eat Top Ramon!

the MomBabe said...

And that's why microwave popcorn is the devil.

Jen said...

i hated it at work when people would pop popcorn. but seriously prego people can pop all they want!

Jonathan and Katherine Earl said...

Try having someone pop popcorn in a school right before lunchtime for the kids...they lose all concentration!

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