Thursday, July 29, 2010

"We're facing war against a technological civilization far superior to our own!"

Long time followers of ScoSo know that there are times when it’s really feast or famine around here. And for that, I make no apologies.

But, I do usually feel it necessary to explain an absence. Like the one I’m taking next week. I’ve been contemplating this for a while and I’ve decided to do a “tech fast”. I Googled it and came up about a 40 day evening technology fast, and how the Catholic church called for a tech fast during Lent this year. I like what that first guy has to say about simplifying – something I am always seeking more of – “Simplifying life means removing things so that the things which are “left” are important and worthy of valuation.”

I’m not (necessarily) doing it for religious reasons (though that would be a cool by-product, no?). As you know, I’ve made resolutions and taken breaks and wondered if I’d die without the internet. . . but I’ve never done anything like this. Way back when ScoSo was just a baby, I contemplated something like this, but mostly in jest. Still, we all know a digital vacation does me good every now and then. Besides, the list of “stuff I want to do around here” grows ever longer and the resource of Time becomes increasingly scarce.

And so, here are the “rules” of My Technology Fast:

Between August 1st and August 7th, I will not:
· Blog or read blogs
· Log in to Facebook
· Log in to my e-mail account
· Perform any Google searches that are not school or work related; or click on my MSN or CNN bookmarks
· Draft blog posts in e-mail format (which I usually send to myself and post later)
· Make ANY online purchases
· Touch a computer other than for work purposes, school purposes, paying bills, or working with my photos
· Read or send any texts (eeek!)

The things I can use a computer for are:
· Paying bills online (if necessary)
· Accessing any documents that are saved on my flash drive
· Logging in to M’s school account
· Logging in to M’s e-mail account
· Using iPhoto and MyBook to access photos
· If it’s not on this list, I won’t do it!

The list of alternative activities includes:
· Updating photo albums
· Writing in my journal
· Reading books
· Cleaning my house
· Documenting this journey (using paper and pen – gasp!)
· Staring out the window
· A million other things that are on my “to do” list

When I told my husband about this, he said "can you still call me?" and when I explained it a little bit more he said "do you think you can make it?"

What do you think? Think I can make it?

[Title quote is from "Transformers"]


Jen said...

you can totally make it! good luck! i will not be joining in this journey w/ you but have fun!! i am gonna send you a gazillion texts and emils so as to make you sift through more stuff when you get back!! muhahahaha!!!

The Sartori's said...


but then, I telecommute and our "water cooler" is a private facebook page of snark.

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