Sunday, April 3, 2011

"No, don't stop now. I think my sinuses are clearing."

So. In a momentary lapse of reason about one Friday ago, I slid and slipped all backwards and checked email and researched a May-ish trip to Frisco and otherwise pilfered my weasly black internet-loving guts out. (Not really.) (But close.)

In my wake of guilt and disappointment, I made up for it by making myself scarce that weekend - hence my not being here.

Then, this week, I went on stay-cation for a couple of days and all Lent-ish bets were off as it were. Well some of them, at least (ahem: screen time). In other words, pretty much the opposite of my normal vacation routine. Not in excess, mind you. Just not within my guidelines.

(OK, okay! Watching re-runs of Glee bordered on excess.) (What? I was bored!)
(Again, I made up for it by making myself scarce on the weekend.) (Also? Conference technically put me over my screen time this weekend - hence the curious lack of links in this post?)

But, here's the thing. We are ready to call DirecTV off the hunt, to cancel our Blockbuster account, and as I type, my kitchen table is laden with church magazines and articles and booklets all ready for us to start making a family manual for Family Home Evening tomorrow. So something must be working with this whole giving-up-technology-for-Lent thing, right?

And here's the other thing. When in family prayer, my husband quotes scripture that "this time is the time to prepare to meet God" and then asks that we will use our time wisely? Well, I know precisely what that means to me: that what I really want in life has very little to do with media or internet.

It's all about impulse control, is what I thought one Tuesday afternoon while driving in my car. Impulse control. Not to go and grab the computer from it's sleeping spot on my loveseat and rouse it impatiently each and every time I get a rush of curiosity and just have to look at something or find out something or see what others think about something. (Except for recipes. Those are just dead helpful sometimes, you know?)

So. Three more weeks of this endeavor. I will be practicing more impulse control. (Which is also the reason we will not be traveling to Frisco in May-ish. Because being an adult means making responsible decisions that involve deciding what you want more.)

And I'll really focusing on that list of allowables I made. (Because re-reading HP6 and HP7 - fantastic by the way! - is all good and fun, but I'm pretty sure there are some more things on that list that I need to start doing.)

[Title quote is from "Lost" (TV)]

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