Saturday, April 9, 2011

"Once you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

Just a few days ago marked the 60th day, after 35 years, that my mom has been smoke-free. It is something I have hoped for for years, but wondered if it was ever possible. My mom has so far proved that it is. Which is pretty freakin' awesome in my book.

Then, there's my boss. Recognizing his own tendencies toward addiction, he has not drank coffee or eaten chocolate in over 20 years. Coffee? I get. But every time I have a piece of chocolate, I wonder how on earth he doesn't ever crave it.

But, here's the thing. Once you give something up, once you find other things to take its place, once your brain re-routes the signals and impulses that push toward addictive behavior, the cravings diminish.

At least that's how it happened with me and the internet. I should say it's still happening, because I am definitely a work in progress. I don't really feel the push and pull and tug of impulse driven frenzy toward the internet. In fact, it's nice to sort of live under the radar, checking in every now and then, but not really committing. I have books and people and life to commit to.

And you know what? I have this friend who recently told me how she gave up carbohydrates ala the Metabolism Miracle. It's something that simultaneously intrigues me and seems impossible. It makes me want to hyperventilate to think of it. Still reading that book (and Cook This, Not That) makes me want to do, well, something.

So, I wrote stuff down on a list. Grocery type stuff. And, knowing that sometimes the impossible becomes possible (hello! I have given up TV! And the internet!), I decided to test the waters. I called out to my husband, "I am thinking about giving up carbs for a few weeks to reset my system." To my utter surprise, my cereal-for-breakfast imbibing husband called back, "I am so on board with that!"

"Really!?" I replied, confused and sort of flabbergasted. "Even though it means you have to give up cereal?" "Oh no. I couldn't give up my cereal." Knowing it's the ease of cereal he is scared of parting with, I said "What about hard-boiled eggs?" "They mess with my stomach." "Well, what about whole wheat toast with peanut butter and apples?" "That might work." "It does work," I said, "I tried it yesterday and I was full until lunch."

Now, I know I know that whole wheat toast is technically carbs, but it's a ton better than, say, cookies or cakes or cereal (oh my!).

Anyway, the point is that my mind feels better because it's increasingly less tetchy and skittish and anxious.

I am hoping to do the same for my body, which, after eating almost anything, craves something sweet and carb-loaded.

It feels impossible.

But I've seen enough examples to know that's not true.

[Title quote is from "Star Trek"]

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Jen said...

you rock!! you can totally do it!!

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