Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"The relationship between time and you is always one of master and slave."

I have a theory. Well, I usually have lots of theories.

But I find my brain is too tired to grasp onto them as they float idly through my mind, and much much too tired to actually take one and develop it from its vaporous origins into something solvent and coherent.

So, instead, let me tell you about April 2012 as I know it.

To be sure, April has been a tired month (see above).

But it has also been a month full of calendarial sins of omission. First, the registration for my “April” parenting class actually happened at the end of March. (A miss of the new year’s resolution type. Those are contagious, don’t you know.) Then, add a couple of bungled lunch dates. (Total miss, because who doesn’t like girlfriend lunches?) Then, add in doctor reschedules and reschedules of work stuff, and I’ve just thrown my hands up and am using the rest of this good month trying to plan for a more sane May. (I even have a book on hold at the library to help me start my life story.) (Now I just have to calendar a time to pick it up.) (You think I am kidding?)

Though, May will bring its own challenges, since I’m due at the end of that fair month and am becoming increasingly convinced that this baby will be arriving early. As in, he’ll be a Taurus instead of a Gemini.

(See? Even the baby has calendar issues!)

[Title quote is from "Chaos Theory"]

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