Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"Hey! Kikikuloa! No flippies off the dock! You could get hurt!"

It’s sort of comical how the entire universe feels like it’s ramping up – popping and buzzing with a kind of static electricity – in anticipation of Another Life Change at the end of the month (i.e. baby). But, really, our entire family is in for a whole lot of “whoa!” starting next week (i.e. new job). I made an announcement to M on Sunday night that we were going to have to come up with a new family schedule and we were probably going to have to (gasp!) even write it down!

(The thing about us and writing schedules down is we just view them as a framework and we never quite follow them exactly and then we get really lax and do things like go grocery shopping until 10:30 on a Saturday night and put our kid to bed wicked late. . . . true story.)

There’s something about May that just makes me feel so peaceful. Even though I live in Arizona, where the month of April is queen, (Oh, and I’m not Celtic), May brings with her visions of flowers and maypoles and flowy dresses and ribbons and other such lovely things. It’s a mothery month, sure. But so much more. Even if only in my head.

Sometimes there is this very cute little ‘ol Japanese man who shuffles down a major street near our house. His shortness of stature and his stooped shoulders and his tiny-feet shuffle just make me want to pull over and get out of the car and hug him. But then I remember my not-so-cute little ‘ol Japanese boss who tried to kiss me near the dishwasher of my first real bonafide job, which cures all such huggy whims straightaway.

Every once in a while I wonder what happened to our long lost (given away) hairy dog and whether she has been adopted to a loving family. I think about her the way I think about long lost (never known) blood relatives and think about how her doggy life turned out for her. I secretly hope we didn’t scar her forever by only keeping her for a couple of years. Plus, she was the one who chased the birds away from our yard, so even though M now only has one dog to clean up poo after, he also has to clean up bird poo.

As for my monthly resolutions, I am 1 for 4. January was my banner month. Turns out reading to my kid is an easy one to keep. The others? Not so much. BUT!  Today is a new month and I’m going get started on my life story if it kills me.

Mostly, though, this baby is feeling heavier by the day and my hips and back are blah no matter how much stretching I do. I’m not complaining much, though, because it means he’s head down and ready to go. (The “no flippies” title quote is for him, btw.) (And maybe a small ode to all this randomness, also.)

My feet are less swollen and my legs aren’t even remotely as restless as they were last time. I do spend much less face time with chili dogs and bean burritos than last time . . . only to have replaced those twin vices with chocolate and ice cream. Ice water is still a staple, even though it means I pee like 30 times a day. I’m not yet at the point where I’m waiting for the sweet release of labor. . . but I can tell it’s not far off.

Anyway, a hearty welcome to the month of May, sweet month of promise.

[Title quote is from "50 First Dates"]

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