Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Meat or Potatoes?"

I could never be a vegetarian.

If I am honest, there are so many times I think about blogging and I go looking and find my mind on holiday.

But mostly, it's a case of having to choose between meat (work, house buying, a monkey-ish one-year old) and potatoes (everything else, like blogging, for instance).

There was this one time that I ate lots and lots of potatoes. There was this one time I also weighed about 40 pounds less, too. But, Times, as they say, er. . . change.

And so meat has been the center-feature of the 2011 menu. And will likely continue to be prominently featured. Because Life, as they say, er . . . happens.

BUT. But! That is not all!

Remember when I thought about this? And remember when I pulled this little stunt? Put them together and you have what I am working on in my head right now. (Ironic, yes, how this post should be about meat, and yet. . . Lent, and everything? That was not intentional.)

I like potatoes as much as the next red-blooded Idahoan (?), but a theme is winding itself through my life as of late and I am finding myself in need of finding the center. Refocusing. Simplifying. And I need a test to see what I am made of.

To separate the meat from the potatoes, as it were.

Stay tuned. . .

{Dang it! Am I the only one who's craving corned beef and cabbage right now???}

[Title quote is from "Sherlock Holmes"]

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